Sunday, October 7, 2007

My very first POST!

So, the Shannon's came over for sunday dinner tonight, and Shannon taught me how to start my own blog! I think I will have a lot of fun with this. So, Bob is on his way to London right now, and I get a little lonely, so I had 'The Shannon's' come over to keep me company. The Shannon's are made up of the following people: Derrick Huckvale (Bob's youngest brother) His wife, Shannon (hence the name of the family) Chad,aka, Chuckie; Luke,He likes to help in the kitchen; Macy, my little girly-girl niece, Haley- just the cutest little munch, and Reed, the baby of all the Hucks. I do still have 3 children of my own at home, but they don't love me as much as the Shannon's. I have rightly earned the favorite aunt title, and they LOVE me! (Sorry Chris)